Create a calendar view in SwiftUI


Ever had a need to add a calendar page? You know, like the one in Apple’s Calendar app? Apple does offer a few components like the date picker amongst other, but not the complete calendar page. For this reason I created Simple Calendar.

Demo of SimpleCalendar

In the image above, you’ll see a short demo of SimpleCalendar.

SimpleCalendar is fully written in SwiftUI and fully open source. You can help out with the source code over here at Github.


Simple Calendar can be installed with the Swift Package Manager. Add the following to your Packages.swift or Xcode:


Simple Calendar comes with documentation right inside Xcode, however here are some quick examples:

Adding a Simple Calendar is just one line of code:

    events: eventList,
    selectionAction: .sheet

eventList in the example above is a list of EventRepresentable items; such as Event. See the example app for further examples.

When the user selects an event in the calendar, Simple Calendar can either inform using a closure, show the default sheet, a custom sheet or move to a custom destination.


You can find the documentation here: