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Nordea E-legetimation på kort och OS X 10.8


(Sorry for the non-swedish speaking followers, but this one is for you swedes!)

Då var det dags att installera om macen, och köra in 10.8 på nytt. MEN… så kommer man till moderna Sveriges IT värld där bankerna tror att hela världen kör windows XP, precis som de själva. Det är ett jäkla problem att få NCR1 dosan (vit med blåa) att funka med OS X överhuvudtaget, minst sagt med senaste Firefox och BankID. På Nordea’s webbsida påstår de att man inte längre behöver några driverrutiner när man installerar senaste BankID från Skit snack säger jag… när jag kopplar in min dosa så får jag NORDEA texten, med två “block” under det, när det skall bli 3 (Se bild 1).

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Is it lazyness, ignorance or just stupidity… I am getting so sick and tired of people writing “official” or professional news/blog articles and writing Holland in stead of the Netherlands.

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First bike ride for this season

Well, the new Stockholm City Bikes season has started. Both on the application front and fysical training front… this is a good thing.

The day before yesterday I took my first bicycle ride from central station to slussen, and once again yesterday.

On the application front, I finally got an agreement with clearchannel. Now I am adding real-time data to a new application called “City Bikes +” and buidling a real-time data map for Clearchannel which I expect to finish today/this weekend.

Lets hope for the best! For now.. it’s back to work for me!


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I am a father!

This week, on tuesday the 8th of september @ 12:33 I became a proud father of Lucas & Elias Peelen.
Both my sons and Frida are in good health.

This is also why I am not writing that much right now.

Best regards,
Paul Peelen

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iPaq for sale

I am selling an new HP IPAQ 214 Enterprise Handheld.
Perfect condition, never used.


This one is now sold.

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