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My first WP plugin approved and available

… in the plugin manager.

Have a look here:

Paul Peelen

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My first WordPress plugin…

I have just created my first WordPress plugin. I requested it to be put online at the WP Repository, so I hope they’ll approve it.
Now I just have to play the waiting game…

So what is this plugin? Well, its the plugin for the AppStore fetcher I created the other day. More info here.

Let me know what you think of it. ūüôā

Paul Peelen

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iTunes Store RSS App Fetcher

I think thats the longest title I could think off… or is it? Anyways… with regards to the questions and/or complaints I have gotten about my (somewhat “crappy”) itunes parser which I wrote in the past, I decided to quickly put together a new parser, just for fetching specific app data.

So, what did I do? Well, it basicly parses the data from the “Apple – iTunes – RSS Generator” and shows it for you in your browser. This could be usefull for those of you that want to implement real-time iTunes appstore data into your website.

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Running PHP5.3.x and Apache on a Mac


In 2007 I became a switcher and life got easier for me… everything got easier, except installing PHP and Apache. So, mainly for myself–I thought to write this small “handy”? tutorial on how to install this quickly. The reason behind is also because I recently re-installed my Mac and am at this point again. This lets me just copy-and-paste for me in the future ūüėõ

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Easy to use logging for PHP


I wrote this logging class for PHP which I thought of sharing. I have taken it directly from my project, so its not adapted for overall usage.

The class:


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