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Automatic incremental build number in xCode 4.3


I have always wondered how to get a better build number in my projects, instead of having to change is manually. So, I finally googled it and found a solution. Or better yet, found several… but none working for xCode 4.3.

In xCode 4.3 you can actually change the build number manually in the project settings. I have not found a solution yet to activate an automatic build number update, however I have not search so much for that either.

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XCode 4: CoreData Tab Bar Application template


When apples released its XCode application, it never added CoreData support to the Tab Bar Application template… although, in my case I usually want this feature. So… now I need to create a Tab Bar Application and a Window-based Application and copy the CoreData stuff from one to the other.
This is, off course, very annoying. So, what I want is to adapt the current templates to support even Core Data… “F*cking hell, this is most likely a mess to get working”… but I was wrong.
It is much easier to do in XCode 4 then it is in XCode 3.x. I am not going to cover XCode 3 cause I have gone over to the dark side (= XCode 4).

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Programming Objective-C in XCode 4 – iPhone iOS 4.3 Hello, World! tutorial


Somewhat days ago Apple released a new version of XCode, and a lot of stuff is new in this version. Thereby also the layout of the application, interface builder and the way an application can be constructed.
But, for those of you completely new to development for iOS devices (and for those of you new to XCode 4 or for you who just want to shape up a bit? =S), I wrote a Hello World for XCode 4, iOS4.3.

So, lets get started.

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Programming Objective-C in XCode – iPhone iOS 4 Hello, World! tutorial


Some people have been asking me for a new Hello World tutorial since my last one got a bit outdated. So, now I finally got some time over and thought to write you one.
Well, lets dive in into it directly.

Xcode 4?

If you are looking for an XCode 4 tutorial, please have a look here:

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Almost done…


Here is another sneak preview of my upcomming app. It is almost done; the settings are working, the map is showing and some of the annotations are there…
Now I only have to add about 70 more annotations and we’re done.

Here are some screenshots:
The map The settings

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