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Little Snitch Bitch

All the problems started at once today… major work issue, battery of my mouse emtpy (AGAIN!) and my computer crached.

But the worst problem was after I force restarted my crashed macbook. On my work computer, I use a Microsoft AD account to login. BUT, because I install a lot of application and stuff, I have admin rights on my computer. (No, not because of my last post… I actually got it from the IT department).
But now after the force-reboot, it refused to log me in. I went up to my IT Department to fix this, and we started searching. I learned today that one can open the console by loggin in as “other” and write the

as username, didn’t know that.. cool! 🙂

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Bypassing Open Firmware and Getting admin access on MacBook with LDAP


Yeah, the longest title ever!
So, this was my challenge today… I needed to get admin access on a mates MacBook Pro. The MBP he has, he got from his work where they use LDAP, their IT department is not stupid and as all large companies usually do they lock the computer so much down you can barely read emails.
So, the quest for today was to flush the computer and re-install the OS… OR to gain admin access to the computer so one could be able to install and do everything anyways.

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GeekTools, desktop enhancing

A friend of mine, Micke, showed me the app "GeekTool" yesterday, and I stuck for it imediatly.

The app is really great. It lets you use terminal commands to show certain data on your desktop. I started using it right away, and this is my result:

Desktop Preview
Geektool 2.1.2 can be downloaded here:

Now, ofcourse not everybody is good in shell scripting and/or terminal commands to I show you the commands below:

For IP address (Internal):

For Uptime:

For HD free space:

For RAM usage:

For the clock: (set refresh to 1)

For the battery:

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The monster is here! :)

It arrived today, my new monster.

Just finished reinstallning it to my preferences and whiches, removed languages ect. Installing XCode now, next up is recompiling apache and php with mysql support.

Here is an image of my new beauty!


My new monster

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14 looong days left…

MacBook Pro 17-inch

I just ordered my new MacBook Pro 17" (the unibody modell).

This is the conf I a took:
– MacBook Pro 17-inch Hi-Resolution Antiglare

  • MacBook Pro Unibody
    • 17" Hi-Resolution Antiglare widescreen
    • 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    • SuperDrive 8x
    • Swedish keyboard
    • 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM (2x 2gb)
    • 320GB S-ATA 7200 rpm HD
  • Apple Remote
  • Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter (for my 30" cinema display)
  • AppleCare protection plan for MacBook Pro

Sometime during the end of may I will recieve my new beauty,… so 14 loooong days left..

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