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Little Snitch Bitch

All the problems started at once today… major work issue, battery of my mouse emtpy (AGAIN!) and my computer crached.

But the worst problem was after I force restarted my crashed macbook. On my work computer, I use a Microsoft AD account to login. BUT, because I install a lot of application and stuff, I have admin rights on my computer. (No, not because of my last post… I actually got it from the IT department).
But now after the force-reboot, it refused to log me in. I went up to my IT Department to fix this, and we started searching. I learned today that one can open the console by loggin in as “other” and write the

as username, didn’t know that.. cool! 🙂

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Bypassing Open Firmware and Getting admin access on MacBook with LDAP


Yeah, the longest title ever!
So, this was my challenge today… I needed to get admin access on a mates MacBook Pro. The MBP he has, he got from his work where they use LDAP, their IT department is not stupid and as all large companies usually do they lock the computer so much down you can barely read emails.
So, the quest for today was to flush the computer and re-install the OS… OR to gain admin access to the computer so one could be able to install and do everything anyways.

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Stationen Plus made 500+ sales!

By the end of Januari 2010, my app Stationen Plus made 500+ sales.

Stationen Plus is currently still on the first place in the travel category and has been since a few weeks ago.

Also, this app is in the top100 paid apps for sweden!


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Stockholm City Bikes 2.0.1 is out

Finally, the 2.0.1 version of the Stockholm City Bikes app has been approved and available on the AppStore.


Please let me know what you think!

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My app is approved!

Finally, great news! After waiting, waiting and a little bit more waiting… my app got approved.

I set the date for tomorrow (21th of august), so it will pop up in the app store in less then 24 hours.


App ready for sale

App ready for sale

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