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Tool: Fix bootstrap server error when launching from xCode to iOS Simulator

Since the release of XCode 4.2 I have noticed a certain error poping up after buidling reguarly. The error incidcates that the iOS Simulator already has a process running or is hung. The anoying part is that even if you quit XCode and iOS Simulator, the problem wont go away.

This is the error:

Couldn’t register com.myApp.debug with the bootstrap server. Error: unknown error code. This generally means that another instance of this process was already running or is hung in the debugger.Program received signal: “SIGABRT”.


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Where I am . at — New website launched

On tuesday this week I released a new website, the website is called “Where I am . At”:

The purpose of this website is to find your location quickly and easily. This can be very usefull when developing iOS applications using your current location.

Take a look at, and let me know what you think of it!

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XCode 4: CoreData Tab Bar Application template


When apples released its XCode application, it never added CoreData support to the Tab Bar Application template… although, in my case I usually want this feature. So… now I need to create a Tab Bar Application and a Window-based Application and copy the CoreData stuff from one to the other.
This is, off course, very annoying. So, what I want is to adapt the current templates to support even Core Data… “F*cking hell, this is most likely a mess to get working”… but I was wrong.
It is much easier to do in XCode 4 then it is in XCode 3.x. I am not going to cover XCode 3 cause I have gone over to the dark side (= XCode 4).

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iTunes Store RSS App Fetcher

I think thats the longest title I could think off… or is it? Anyways… with regards to the questions and/or complaints I have gotten about my (somewhat “crappy”) itunes parser which I wrote in the past, I decided to quickly put together a new parser, just for fetching specific app data.

So, what did I do? Well, it basicly parses the data from the “Apple – iTunes – RSS Generator” and shows it for you in your browser. This could be usefull for those of you that want to implement real-time iTunes appstore data into your website.

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Programming Objective-C in XCode – iPhone iOS 4 Hello, World! tutorial


Some people have been asking me for a new Hello World tutorial since my last one got a bit outdated. So, now I finally got some time over and thought to write you one.
Well, lets dive in into it directly.

Xcode 4?

If you are looking for an XCode 4 tutorial, please have a look here:

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