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Language update…

Well, I have had a week off and felt the need to check the web for “professionals” using the wrong terminology. This week we found two sites:


Well, TPB I don’t need to tell you about their view about being “correct”… I think the law suite speaks for itself. But the flagstore did change it to the correct name.

After having a IRC discussion with someone calling “him/her-self” for “[WTC-SWE]” I found that TPB believes that the term “Netherlands” is only used in state/royal uses. Not in everyday usage, I explained that two wrongs don’t make a right… and that it is overall used as Netherlands as well… but I guess ignorance is king over at TPB.

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Is it lazyness, ignorance or just stupidity… I am getting so sick and tired of people writing “official” or professional news/blog articles and writing Holland in stead of the Netherlands.

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