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Developing with iPhone 3.0.x: Simple UITableView


This post is about how to develop a simple table view in XCode and Interface builder (IB) using UITableView for iPhone OS 3.0 or iPhone 3.0.1.

I guess there are a lot of guide out there that explain how to work with UITableViews, but I’ll give it a try to show you guys how to make a simple one.

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AppleCare on my iPhone in Sweden

Two weeks ago i returned my iPhone 3G to Telia because it had some problems with the back-case. some days later I got a new iPhone. When I checked the warranty, it had the same as my earlier iPhone… until the 17th of august 2009. My contract doesn’t end until sometime in February 2010.

In Sweden Apple doesn’t sell any AppleCare. Neither do any of the operators here… which really sucks. So in my quest to extend my warrenty on my iPhone I bought an AppleCare package on Ebay for my iPhone for US $44.95. I tried registering my AppleCare using location “Sweden”, but got the message that this was not available in my location.. DOH!

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The first refurbished one…

Today, I got the last missing part to finish refurbishing an iPhone 2G.

So I rushed to the ICA to get my package and rushed home. 20 screws later it was done… Now I only had to glue the screen as well, and make sure I didn’t glue the Home button… so far so good.

Now the iPhone 2G 8GB is done. Refurbished and I am happy.

This is the result:

IMG_1664 IMG_1670 IMG_1667 IMG_1665

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