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Appsmoothie online :)


My new site which maintain together with my mate Micke Skogström ( is now online! We are reviewing appstore app.

Take a look at:



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Stationen Plus made 500+ sales!

By the end of Januari 2010, my app Stationen Plus made 500+ sales.

Stationen Plus is currently still on the first place in the travel category and has been since a few weeks ago.

Also, this app is in the top100 paid apps for sweden!


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My app is approved!

Finally, great news! After waiting, waiting and a little bit more waiting… my app got approved.

I set the date for tomorrow (21th of august), so it will pop up in the app store in less then 24 hours.


App ready for sale

App ready for sale

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My quest for a remote iPhone app…

Yesterday I was creating a DVD for my family in the Netherlands. I was using iDVD and iMovie… and the compiling step really takes a long time.
So I decided to catch up with the movies I had bought a few days ago.

Because I a quite a lazy guy I wanted to check the compiling status thrue my iPhone, and found out that this wasn’t so easy. I searched a bit on the app store and found 2 apps I tried. The first one is called RDM+, the 2nd one is Remote Jr.

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