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My first WordPress plugin…

I have just created my first WordPress plugin. I requested it to be put online at the WP Repository, so I hope they’ll approve it.
Now I just have to play the waiting game…

So what is this plugin? Well, its the plugin for the AppStore fetcher I created the other day. More info here.

Let me know what you think of it. 🙂

Paul Peelen

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First bike ride for this season

Well, the new Stockholm City Bikes season has started. Both on the application front and fysical training front… this is a good thing.

The day before yesterday I took my first bicycle ride from central station to slussen, and once again yesterday.

On the application front, I finally got an agreement with clearchannel. Now I am adding real-time data to a new application called “City Bikes +” and buidling a real-time data map for Clearchannel which I expect to finish today/this weekend.

Lets hope for the best! For now.. it’s back to work for me!


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The threat of SJ…

Well, it has come to this now… my iPhone apps Stationen and Stationen Plus are so popular that even SJ noticed them.

Instead of sending a nice letter or email to tell how much they appreciate these apps, they send me a letter with a legal threat.

In their letter they make it clear that an image found on is partly the logo of SJ which is patented by SJ. I had 10 days to remove the logo from my site otherwise they would be forced to take legal actions.

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Stationen Plus made 500+ sales!

By the end of Januari 2010, my app Stationen Plus made 500+ sales.

Stationen Plus is currently still on the first place in the travel category and has been since a few weeks ago.

Also, this app is in the top100 paid apps for sweden!


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Installing PHP on OSX


When I develop sites, I do this locally and upload the changes I made to my SVN server. Then I deploy the new releases of the sites to the specific server directly from the SVN server by a checkout or an export.

For most of the projects, I work with PHP. Using a good tutorial I found ( I re-compiled apache, mysql and Php on my computer… whithout any problems. BUT… some things were missing…

Currently I am working on a site which is using magento commerce. Magento commerce is a very advanced commerce tool and has quite som demands.
Two of the demands I was struggeling with were iconv and mcrypt. Today, I got these working.

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