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Mina två månader med min #LifeBike Elcykel!

För snart två månader sedan så tipsade min fru mig om en test på #smartson från #Elcykelvaruhuset. En Elcykel test.
Jag har länge pratar om att jag vill skaffa en elcykel, men det blev inte av. Har kollat på olika typer av cyklar, men de var antingen för dyra eller för dåliga.

Unboxing Done! #lifebike #elcykelvaruhuset #smartson

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An open letter to…

… all whom are or thinking of parsing the City Bikes data for Stockholm.

I felt I needed to write this post since I have been thinking about a “twitter” conversation I had a few weeks ago with some Spanish dude.

Since I have the sole right to the Clear Channel API’s for the Citybikes in Stockholm, I choose not to share these publicly with 3rd parties. This (off course) seems to annoy some people. Shortly after I received a question from an other developer regarding why I don’t want to share these publicly.

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Moving is over…

Finally, I have moved. I live now in Bromma, north-west of Stockholm. A few minutes from Bromma Airport, just at the other side of Solvalla.
I like the new apartment, although the surrounding is still a huge construction site; which is not that ideal with my 1.5 year old twins.

The apartment is brand new, so I am the first in the apartment to screw things up. Frida has been busy unpacking boxes and moving in stuff. All the boxes are currently in my new office and they all need to move so I can buy a new desk and setup my office. When that’s done I can start with writing some new tutorials.
I have decided to write two tutorials so far, both with regards to XCode 4 and how things work now.

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Bypassing Open Firmware and Getting admin access on MacBook with LDAP


Yeah, the longest title ever!
So, this was my challenge today… I needed to get admin access on a mates MacBook Pro. The MBP he has, he got from his work where they use LDAP, their IT department is not stupid and as all large companies usually do they lock the computer so much down you can barely read emails.
So, the quest for today was to flush the computer and re-install the OS… OR to gain admin access to the computer so one could be able to install and do everything anyways.

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Language update…

Well, I have had a week off and felt the need to check the web for “professionals” using the wrong terminology. This week we found two sites:


Well, TPB I don’t need to tell you about their view about being “correct”… I think the law suite speaks for itself. But the flagstore did change it to the correct name.

After having a IRC discussion with someone calling “him/her-self” for “[WTC-SWE]” I found that TPB believes that the term “Netherlands” is only used in state/royal uses. Not in everyday usage, I explained that two wrongs don’t make a right… and that it is overall used as Netherlands as well… but I guess ignorance is king over at TPB.

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