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AppStore PHP Class


Today I wrote a PHP class that retrieves information from the Itunes AppStore. It makes it easy to retrieve the current rank of an app in an category and country store (see the red number in the right column regarding Stationen). It also retrieves the reviews on the app including the app image. The last thing this class does is making a search in the appstore and retrieving the result apps names and ID.

This class is perfect for developers whom want to add data from the appstore to their website.

The PHP class you can download below. Here are some examples:

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Sneak preview…

Sneek preview...Here it is… a sneak preview of the comming app I am working on with my good friend Björn Sperber.

I wont tell you yet what the app is about, but as you might guess… a map is involved!

We got the map working yesterday, with the UITabBarController. Working on the settings now.

More info to come!



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Ultrasn0w, iPhone 3g Unlock is out!

First off, big thanks to muscleNerd & the Dev Team for making this possible.

Now..this morning at about 09:00, the Dev Team released “UltraSn0w”. Ultrasn0w is a tool that soft unlocks the iPhone 3G.

Below I will demostrate the steps to preform on a mac to unlock your iPhone 3G, but I will answer a few questions first:

– Do I need this for my 1st generation iPhone? No
– Does this work for the iPhone 3Gs (not yet released in sweden)? No
– Can you help me, I run windows! NO! Get yourself a mac!

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Its a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s my MacBook Air!

You got it today… and its niiice.
Too bad I am going to sell it again (most likely).

Bought it 2nd hand, with superdrive and applecare (just registered it).. and its not even one year old yet. The best part… I got it for an bargain!

Here are some pictures of the beauty:

MacBook Air

MacBook Air


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Apple just released some new stuff…

… nice!

The iMac, Mac Mini and the mac Pro are now updated. My hair just raises when reading the specs on the new mac pro, longing to get me my own! Just a few weeks ago I bought me an secondhand mac mini G4, but now I really want the new version… with a larger harddrive.

Check it out at (or for all you Swedish visitors.)

In other news; last week the prototype of my chat application written with Björn Sperber made its way to my iPhone… and works perfectly using activeMQ. I will post some screens later on!

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