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First bike ride for this season

Well, the new Stockholm City Bikes season has started. Both on the application front and fysical training front… this is a good thing.

The day before yesterday I took my first bicycle ride from central station to slussen, and once again yesterday.

On the application front, I finally got an agreement with clearchannel. Now I am adding real-time data to a new application called “City Bikes +” and buidling a real-time data map for Clearchannel which I expect to finish today/this weekend.

Lets hope for the best! For now.. it’s back to work for me!


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A very good iPhone Development book

iPhone Development


I recently started in a book circle and we are reading the "Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK" book.

I have to say that this is a very good book. The book is easy to read, and hhas a lot of good practises. It explains everything in a good way so the reader understands what he/she is doing.

I recommend this book not only for those that already master Objective-C, but even for those that don’t have a clue about what Objective-C is.

The ISBN is: 978-1-4302-1626-1
Link 1:
Link 2:

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Apple just released some new stuff…

… nice!

The iMac, Mac Mini and the mac Pro are now updated. My hair just raises when reading the specs on the new mac pro, longing to get me my own! Just a few weeks ago I bought me an secondhand mac mini G4, but now I really want the new version… with a larger harddrive.

Check it out at (or for all you Swedish visitors.)

In other news; last week the prototype of my chat application written with Björn Sperber made its way to my iPhone… and works perfectly using activeMQ. I will post some screens later on!

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Programming Objective-C in XCode – iPhone 2.2.1 Hello World tutorial

Well, here it goes… my first iPhone hello world toturial.

I am a newby to most of this stuff so I might not be able to explain it all with the best way… but I’ll give it a try. You can download the source code as well… see the attachments.

Some info before we begin:
– This tutorial is made on a mac, I don’t know if iPhone apps can be developed on other machines as well… and I don’t really care. a Mac is the sh*t for me.
– I assume that you have XCode 3.1.2 (or later) installed on your machine
– I assume that you have the iPhone 2.2.1 SDK installed on your machine (XCode)

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Objective-C and iPhone development

Currently I am working on my Objective-C knowledge, and trying to learn as much as possible.
When doing this I find that the help there is outthere is quite small.

One of the sites that really helped me with learning objective-C is Cocoa Dev Central ( )

This is what I got so far, completed my first 3 milestones:

  1. Get an application action working.
  2. Making the textField float above the keyboard so the keyboard doesn’t obscure the textField.
  3. Getting an "Emtpy textfield" cross in the textField.

Some screenshots are attached!

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