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Mina två månader med min #LifeBike Elcykel!

För snart två månader sedan så tipsade min fru mig om en test på #smartson från #Elcykelvaruhuset. En Elcykel test.
Jag har länge pratar om att jag vill skaffa en elcykel, men det blev inte av. Har kollat på olika typer av cyklar, men de var antingen för dyra eller för dåliga.

Unboxing Done! #lifebike #elcykelvaruhuset #smartson

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Prefill an signup form in iOS using Swift and CNContact

Usability and user experience is key to a successful app, so narrowing the taps a user needs to do to get from point a to point b is crucial. One of the areas where a users often needs to make a lot of taps is on signup forms; this, however, has been tackled different ways by many apps. Today the use of social login, before apps used the address book (e.g. the square app).

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How to get access to country specific music in Spotify

So, here’s the deal. I am Dutch (yes, with capital D!) and I live in Sweden. Even though I do not live in the Netherlands, I still wish to hear dutch music. Most of the music is online available, however there are a few artists that have not really reached 2014 yet…. or better yet, 2010+. For my case, Gers Pardoel is such an artist. I blame it on the artist, but I must confess that I have little knowledge on how the music industry works; it might just as well be the label, Top Notch. Contacting them about it… well lets face it… they don’t care; I have tried.

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Blog updated

The vacations started and I have a little extra time. So I decided to updated my WP-blog, and so I have done.

I chose a more responsive theme, and altered it just a little bit. Nothing to fancy though. Main goal is to have it clean and simple and most of all, responsive.


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Volvo On Call (VOC) API


This subject is something that really interests me, its an awesome technology that has many prospects for the future. So, Of course I would like to know how it works.

Before you continue reading, I would like you to know that the information written below is for education purpose only. Using the things explained below (for what ever reason) might (most likely) be breaking the Swedish law (since the volvo on call server is located in Göteborg (Gothenburg)). Contacting and use data from the Volvo on call API might be seen as data trespassing, which Sweden has a law against (Describes as “Dataintrång” defined as crime in 4 chapter 9 § of the crime code (brottsbalken)).

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