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My name is Paul Peelen, born 1984, and this is my blog.
I am Dutch and I moved to Stockholm, Sweden in october 2001.

As profession I am an consultant at Sogeti Sverige and also have my own company called for developing web- and iOS applications.

Yes yes… I am a switcher, and I am proud of it!!! I use a MacBook Pro 5,2 with 17″ high res. I also have a bunch of iPhones, iPad and what not… I am pretty fond of apple products. At home I use a mac mini as media center and VPN and a time capsule 500Gb as backup solution, with some spare backups.

To the right here you see some blog stickers that pretty much say everything about me… but if you want to know something more, just send me a mail under contact me.


2 comments on “This is me
  1. Matt says:

    Paul, I was reading your post on stackoverflow about the work that you’re doing building the continuous scroll UICollectionView control. Did you ever finish that project or write a blog on it? I would be curious to see how you accomplished it.


  2. Paul Peelen says:

    Hi Matt!
    Sorry for my late reply. Yes, I did finish it. Or better yet, I finished 95% of it and a colleague of mine finished the rest (which was a loading issue).
    You can actually see it in this app:

    As you might understand, I cannot share the code since this a solution for a client. However, what I Can tell you is that the reply by “rdelmar” solved my problems. This is the reply I am talking about:
    You might have to tweak it a little bit, but it sure works.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,

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