Writing the XCode Cookbook

As some of you might know, I am writing an XCode Cookbook. This is a book which will contain only tutorials on how to do different things within XCode. So, no tutorials like “Adding Facebook to my iPhone app”, but more in the style like “Adding custom location to the iOS Simulator” or “Managing multiple targets within my project”.

I have a list of about 50-60 tutorials, but I need more. I need about 40 tutorials (3-4 chapters) more, so I am looking for tips; and since you, my readers, come here for such things, who better to ask but YOU!

What would you like to read about, what would you like to know how to do, or what is it you find handy to have in a book so you can easaly look it up? Drop me a comment below, or send me an Email using the contact page (top).

Also I need someone to write about game development (OpenGL). Do you know anyone whom might be interested? Again, these will not be tutorials about how to make a game, but how to use XCode in order to make a game. Maybe extra templates, extra frameworks, converting from one 3d engine to an other… ect. How to support multiple devices ect.

Of course will this person get his share of the book, and get the cred as well, which is great on your CV! Send me an email, let me know what you can offer.

I hope you can help me out here!



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3 comments on “Writing the XCode Cookbook
  1. Uri says:

    Hej Paul,

    I have just moved to Stockholm and I am keen to learn XCode. I am a total beginner so fot I understood your book is would not really be for me. Are you by any chance aware of courses and communites where I could learn Xcode from here in Stockholm?

    Many thanks and all the best with your book.


  2. Paul Peelen says:

    Hi! Sorry, but unfortunatly not. You should check with the KTH, they might have some interesting for you.

    Good luck! Let me know if you find something! =)

  3. Uri says:

    Oh cool I will check it out. Thanks for the advise!!

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