My “Wonderfull” Android Experience…

This might be a bit off-topic with regards to what I usually write about, and it might also be a “Flame-war” magnet… yet I just have to write about my “wonderful” Android experience.

As many of you concurrent reader know, I am an Apple kinda guy… some might even call me a “Fanboy”. Sure, I have no problem with that. I rather tell tell it like I see it and that tends to be positive for Apple. However, I do feel that I need to know what I am talking about before I can give a real opinion about such things. So, with that in mind I bought myself an HTC Hero, the white one, a few years ago. Used it barely because it was slow, unattractive, small and annoying. Many Android developers or users I talked with about this device came straight away with the excuse “Yeah, but thats an old device. You can’t compare with that one, that one is crap”. In my opinion that is just a load of crap.

So, the other day I had to pick a new work phone. I had the option to choose between an iPhone 4 or an Samsung Galaxy S2. So, I chose the S2. I have regretted it since.

The first time I used the phone it:

  •  Overheated when charging or just using
  • The “main” partition (of 2 gb) was full after configuring Gmail and downloading 2 live wallpapers.
  • The battery didn’t really charge thus it was in a endless loop of complaining about the lack of space, crashing due to the lack of space (therefore reloading the launcher) and complaining about low battery. Couldn’t get away from it.

So, IT support reformatted the device and I got a new freshly installed S2. It still has problems charging but it might just be slow.

Because the last few weeks have been full for me with regards to investigating to write a book for Pact Publishing, moving apartments with my family and finishing off projects, I though I put this android stuff on hold and left the phone for dead in its box. Forwarded all the calls to my private phone.
But today after the news of ICS (IceCream Sandwich) I chose to have a look at it again. Now, this is the horrible part.
Sure, a device can have hardware failures… I mean as an iPhone user I should be aware of that (hence network loss, bad 3g on 4s ect).. but one thing I cannot accept is bad UX in software.

First off, the battery is dead. So I put in the charger and try to switch it on. It boots and when booted I need do my swipe thingy to unlock it. So I do and it present the PIN Code. I unlock the sim card, and I need to do the Swipe thingy again !? I mean, come on… why?

Second problem I found (and this is a bad one) was when I started to browse through the settings page to figure out how to update. While doing so, it complained about the battery being almost empty and it shut off. Yet it was charging and the phone had the charging battery icon in the statusbar. If the battery is too empty to be used, why boot at all? I mean, at least an iPhone waits until it has 4-5% battery before it lets you boot. No point of booting when its going to die anyways.

So, I left the phone for a little while and then tried it again. Booted, swiped, unlocked, swiped again, and yes… finally we past the lagging booting images and bad graphics and we are at the home screen. Now lets go on a adventure to find the update page.
There is no update page, or better yet, there is but it is at the “About” menu page. Off course, because updating is all what this device is “About”… right? After I found it I tried to update it. It moved to the next page and straight back.

I didn’t notice it at first but while hopping back, it showed a small message at the bottom of the screen (Keep in mind, the update button is at the top… where your eyes are focused) stating I need to create a google account first. This is really bad usability. I mean Really bad. So, if that is missing I guess it should have a quick link for me to login or create one… nope… you have to keep in mind that this is an Android. Hence, there is no usability.

So I continue my Indiana Jones adventures and try to find a page where I can login into my Google account on my Samsung device running Google OS. Well, it was a bit easier since there was a main menu option called “Accounts and sync”. So I open it, press the “Add account” button at the bottom.

Now, this is a device running Google’s OS called Android… so I guess Google’s account comes first. right? … Wrong!
Ok, second then? Wrong!
Third? Nope, it the second to last one. The last one is Samsungs own account… off course.
So just to make sure you understand what I mean… On my Samsung Device running Google’s OS called Android, the login account option “Windows Live Hotmail” comes first… logical, right? There after comes Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (Really? Does that still exist?) LinkedIn. Then come some sync accounts and then, under “Other” come Google and Samsung, BUT… not before Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. I mean, yeah… logical… I guess Apple ID comes first on a Windows Phone 7… right?

So, now I have my google account added… and I am going to update. So lets go! I hope this process is smoother that the rest of this freaking device! I’ll update this post when it’s done.

So far I cannot understand how and why people feel an android is “soo” much better than and iPhone. So far its not even coming close.

Update done

Now the update is done, and it took about 1 second to find the first problem. After unlocking my sim and swiping, the phone asks me “SIM Service” “Tele 2 No” or “Tele2Comviq”. Really nice (yet not needed!) but I cannot choose one. Nothing happens when I press either one. IIt took about 5 min to get a result.

Well, I am going to leave at that… but I am sure I find some more stuff. Like telling “voice actions” to turn off the phone, so it googles it. Logical! 😉


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2 comments on “My “Wonderfull” Android Experience…
  1. ramdak says:

    Well, I was once an iPhone guy (3g) then it broke and I had to switch to a new one. I my country the carriers not offer the iPhone because of some stupid restrictions our government made about imported goods. So we can only buy products that are built here, like Blackberry, Samsung, motorola, lg and some other brands. If you want to buy an iPhone or any other apple product it’s really expensive, because it’s not been subsidized by the carriers and importing taxes are very high.

    Soooo, I got a motorola Defy… It comes with a 3,7 in screen 848×480 pixels, 5mp camera and it’s submersible too. I never had a hardware problem, like the battery drain or charging or any other issue.

    After been using it for a while, I found android more versatile than IOS, there are widgets for everything, contact sync with Facebook, Skype, etc. The phone is not just a launcher for apps, since you can access info directly from any page on the launcher screen without opening an app. And if it’s about performance, this thing is awesome, everything runs smooth and it’s a “mid end” phone. There are others with dual core processors and better gpu’s.

    I love apple products, they have an outstanding design and building quality. Also I’m starting to code for iOS.

    You just had a couple of “bad” phones.

  2. Simo says:

    I usually like Apple as well, but recently had to go down to the US (from Canada) and bought a Nexus S instead of paying exorbitant carrier fees for roaming. I really couldn’t have been more impressed with Android. Within minutes of turning on the phone I was streaming some music from my Google music collection, had all my contacts synced and was looking at pictures that I uploaded to picasa several years ago.

    I’m so tired of Apple’s bullshit with things like not allowing Telus Mobility (Canadian carrier that was hoping to do iPhone unlocks) to unlock devices and (I realize this is small) not allowing me to delete the newstand App (or even move it into a folder!!). Also, not releasing Siri for the iPhone 4 and saying that iOS 6 on the iPhone 4 won’t have turn by turn directions. It all shows such disdain for the consumer and is really making me consider an Android as my next device.

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