MacPorts 2 & XCode 4.3

Well, to sum it up… this has been a “pain in the ass” for me. The last few days I have had some trouble running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) preview… which is not that weird since it is a developers preview. The main problem was that MacPorts didn’t work since 10.8 uses Darwin 12 and Lion (with MacPorts 2 installation) uses Darwin 11.

So, I managed to screw things up so badly that I spend whole yesterday evening copying files manually to a USB drive using the “Install Disk” for Lion. Now I formatted my MacBook Air and Mac Mini and installed Lion once again.

However, now I got other problems. The problem I got is “error: C compiler cannot create executables” meaning that the C compiler is not valid (as I understand it). After searching and searching I noticed that this is due to the fact that XCode 4.3 doesn’t install the comand line tools anymore by default. So to solve this, I went to the preferences of Xcode and chose the “Downloads” tab. There I chose to install “Command line tools”, and after installing it MacPorts worked like a charm.

So, if you have any problems using MacPorts on Lion with XCode 4.3(+?) than make sure to install Command Line Tools! Also described in section in the manual

Paul Peelen


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