Moving is over…

Finally, I have moved. I live now in Bromma, north-west of Stockholm. A few minutes from Bromma Airport, just at the other side of Solvalla.
I like the new apartment, although the surrounding is still a huge construction site; which is not that ideal with my 1.5 year old twins.

The apartment is brand new, so I am the first in the apartment to screw things up. Frida has been busy unpacking boxes and moving in stuff. All the boxes are currently in my new office and they all need to move so I can buy a new desk and setup my office. When that’s done I can start with writing some new tutorials.
I have decided to write two tutorials so far, both with regards to XCode 4 and how things work now.

The first one I am going to write is how to handle UITabbarController in the new Interface builder. I have figured it out, finally, so now I want to share it. The other tutorials I am going to write is how to setup a universal app (for both iPhone and iPad) using the UISplitScreenController and a UITabbarController.

Write u soon!


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One comment on “Moving is over…
  1. Paul Peelen says:

    I’ll start with the UITabBarController application as soon as the new version of Stockholm City Bikes is done.
    Android version comming out soon.

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