Little Snitch Bitch

All the problems started at once today… major work issue, battery of my mouse emtpy (AGAIN!) and my computer crached.

But the worst problem was after I force restarted my crashed macbook. On my work computer, I use a Microsoft AD account to login. BUT, because I install a lot of application and stuff, I have admin rights on my computer. (No, not because of my last post… I actually got it from the IT department).
But now after the force-reboot, it refused to log me in. I went up to my IT Department to fix this, and we started searching. I learned today that one can open the console by loggin in as “other” and write the

as username, didn’t know that.. cool! 🙂

So after 40 minutes of searching, we found out that it was Little Snitch that somehow refused to log me in onto my computer. My mate at the IT department said “Sorry mate, nothing we can do. Little Snitch is not our friend. We need to reinstall your computer.”, which off cource was kind of a shock to me… there goes an other 3 days of installing apps. But I didn’t leave it at that, I though I try this myself and if I can’t fix it either then they can reinstall my computer.

So I started googleing and found out how I could fix this. What I did was I removed Little Snitch from the Launch Deamon like so:

And rebooted my computer, and what do you know…. IT WORKED!

I am so happy right now I though I needed to post this… so here you are, my solution found on Also great thanks to my mate John Norén at Internal IT who helped me find the problem!


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