Is it lazyness, ignorance or just stupidity… I am getting so sick and tired of people writing “official” or professional news/blog articles and writing Holland in stead of the Netherlands.

Is it wrong for me to have the opinion that if you are making public publications that you should be correct in any way… For instance, a few weeks ago the tv show “SpÃ¥rlöst” at TV4 had a show where a woman was looking for her father which supposetly was in the Netherlands. When they do their research they have most likly called the dutch embassy, or anyways have visit their website… not once are they using “Holland” as a reference to the country. There is a banner for the travel agency called “Holland”, but that doesn’t mean the country is called “Holland”. There also is an international dutch management company called “Randstad”, which also indicates a surounding in the Netherlands… then why don’t people call the country “Randstad” instead?? I contacted them, and found out that in their case it was just stupidity… the reporters at TV4 didn’t know better, I think that says enough about their inteligence… doesn’t it?

Another good example, which almost is worst… take a look at this post on a well read blog: http://feber.se/ipad/art/178791/ipad_till_sverige_tidigast_i_a/

What they did is that they letterly copied the contents of the page http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010/05/07ipad.html at apple.com.

If I may quote the page: “Apple plans to release iPad in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore in July. Apple will announce availability, local pricing and pre-order plans for these nine additional countries at a later date. “

This is what this blog wrote: “Samtidigt berättar man att iPad kommer till ett gäng nya länder i juli, dessa är Österrike, Belgien, Hong Kong, Irland Luxemburg, Mexico, Holland, Nya Zeeland och Singapore. Vilket betyder att vi kommer att fÃ¥ iPad till Sverige tidigast i augusti.”. Now, maybe its just me who is blind… but didn’t apple wrote that they plan to release the iPad in the whole of the Netherlands… how come this blog then writes “Holland”, meaning just a part of the Netherlands and not the whole country?

This seems much like a fooball game in Sweden. It says with big, maybe huge letters “the Netherlands” on the screen… what do the sweeds do? They put an extra f*cking box over it with the text “Holland”. Now… in my opinion this is just ignorance. The worst thing is… people here are so stupid, they don’t know the difference.

A well, its always “fun” to have to explain to people how stupid they are.


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  1. Jakob says:

    Well in Denmark (and I suppose the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden included) we always refer to the Netherlands as Holland. That’s not because of stupidity or ignorance. It has always been like that, generally speaking.

    However to be fair, the Danish Language Committee differs.

    I guess it’s like people saying England, but meaning the UK or Denmark being the capital of IKEA 😉

    Anyway good luck on Monday against Denmark..

  2. Paul Peelen says:

    Well, as that might be true… but that doesn’t make it right, doesn’t it? Friends among each other is one thing, but using wrong terminology in the media is an other. As a professional you should use the correct terms and terminology in my opinion.

    It is a bit the same as compared to England and the UK… but with those kind of thoughts it just means that if enough people do something wrong, it should be considered right. right?

    Well, the game against Denmark went quite well… didn’t it 😉

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