The threat of SJ…

Well, it has come to this now… my iPhone apps Stationen and Stationen Plus are so popular that even SJ noticed them.

Instead of sending a nice letter or email to tell how much they appreciate these apps, they send me a letter with a legal threat.

In their letter they make it clear that an image found on is partly the logo of SJ which is patented by SJ. I had 10 days to remove the logo from my site otherwise they would be forced to take legal actions.

Its fun though how they seem to have time finding people who are in fact making live easier for them, and treat them this way… instead of using this time and energy to make sure trains come and leave at the correct times. But ah well, its SJ… had they been smart enough, then I never had to make an iPhone app in the first place… right?

The page on my site is removed, and the logos in my apps are changed. Now I only have to wait for apple to approve them.



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2 comments on “The threat of SJ…
  1. manou says:

    What happen efter? Didi you take away the logo?

  2. Paul Peelen says:

    Yep… I had to… don’t want no legal problems with SJ. They can afford the problems.

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