My quest for a remote iPhone app…

Yesterday I was creating a DVD for my family in the Netherlands. I was using iDVD and iMovie… and the compiling step really takes a long time.
So I decided to catch up with the movies I had bought a few days ago.

Because I a quite a lazy guy I wanted to check the compiling status thrue my iPhone, and found out that this wasn’t so easy. I searched a bit on the app store and found 2 apps I tried. The first one is called RDM+, the 2nd one is Remote Jr.

My overall opinion of RDM+ was thats this is a bad, maybe even very bad app. The idea is great, you don’t need to keep track of any IP adress… just make sure your computer (Mac / Windows) is online and connect to the computer ID. But… the app in the appstore cost me 75kr ($10 / 7.11€) and I think that is quite expensive.

When the app was downloaded I found that the communication was really slow. This is not really weird because it uses their servers back and forward (as I understand it). I wasn’t really great friends with the interface as well, but regardless of that I couldn’t really use it and regretted that I bought it.

Remote Jr.
Now this is what I call a great application. This also works on Windows and OSX. The app costs 38kr ($5 / 3.5€) and works fast and easy. This app has 2 views (portrait and landscape).

In the portrait view you can do mostly the administrative stuff like opening and closing apps, connecting to computers searching in spotlight.

In the landscape view you get an actual view of your desktop. You can pinch to zoom in and tap the screen for mouse click. You can also open the keyboard and send actual key commands (including CMD, CTRL, ALT and ESC). ALT-TAB alike-functionality is also implemented and used with “Switch app”. There are more functions in this application which I didn’t use (yet).

This I find great with Remote Jr.:

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Works with wifi, 3G and edge.

The this I was really missing was right mouse click and extra zoom. When I want to close a window, tab an textfield or do other stuff that (on the desktop) i very small, I really get it tuff… I would like to be able to zoom even more so I can click the correct button/line/text ect.

When I was done with iDVD I wanted to upload the IMG file to one of my servers. I do this by using the app Transmit. It was really hard getting it uploaded because I could almost never click the correct folder (here is where I needed the zoom function). So after trying and trying I went to my computer and did it manually (which took me 10 seconds).

In overall the app is great; you can write and read your email if your not at your desk, check the web or other files on you hard drive ect. Whatever you want. I recommend this app for remote desktops true you iPhone / iPod touch.

Here are some screenshots of me using it:

IMG_0232 IMG_0231 IMG_0230 IMG_0229 IMG_0227IMG_0228

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