Installing PHP on OSX


When I develop sites, I do this locally and upload the changes I made to my SVN server. Then I deploy the new releases of the sites to the specific server directly from the SVN server by a checkout or an export.

For most of the projects, I work with PHP. Using a good tutorial I found ( I re-compiled apache, mysql and Php on my computer… whithout any problems. BUT… some things were missing…

Currently I am working on a site which is using magento commerce. Magento commerce is a very advanced commerce tool and has quite som demands.
Two of the demands I was struggeling with were iconv and mcrypt. Today, I got these working.

This is what I did that I followed the tutorial until the “./configure …” part for PHP, then I did:
– I installed libiconv and mcrypt

– I change the configuration to:

and then I continued with the make install according the tutorial.
Try it if you have any problems, it might work for you as well.

Paul Peelen

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