Open tought… PHP RMT project?

Well, the last few days I have had some thought around building an release management tool for PHP.

I have surfed around a bit (a few minutes) but didn’t really find anything.

My toughts are to build a tool that keeps track of the version of the product you are working on.
Together with an local script, such as ant one should be able to release the product and make it availeble to the public… as an tar.gz and/or .zip file.

From the web gui this should be doable as well… login into the admin center, add an project, add an SVN server, set the start version and make an release.

The RMT should keep track of:

  • Authentication, both thrue the GUI and from an local machine
  • Build number
  • Version number

When the release is made it should be checked in into and svn repository.

Hmm… I think that is about it… any thoughts I will have I will put here I guess.

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2 comments on “Open tought… PHP RMT project?
  1. ralfy says:

    How do you know when to use the indefinite articles?

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  2. Paul Peelen says:

    Thank you for your off-topic reply. I’ll keep it in mind the next time I write an tutorial. I hope you did understand it anyways though 😉


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